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Nursing Bra by AVYN | Suzie Element | Dark & Stormy

Nursing Bra by AVYN | Suzie Element | Dark & Stormy

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Our fan favorite Suzie Bra elevated with adjustable straps and high tech elastics. You'll be ready to take on the day and show off your darker side in the Dark & Stormy.

* Carefree breastfeeding access: Easy-going pull-aside design for the mom who can't be bothered with clips.

* Get your groove back: Power mesh and 4-way stretch fabric hold your milk makers in place so you can move and groove for that little boost of positivity every new mama needs.

* It's all about the details: Gentle shirring beneath the cup provides subtle volume and shape to your breasts. No uni-boob or side-boob happening here. 

* Fully adjustable: Not only are the bra straps adjustable, but they're constructed with innovative self-adjusting elastic that reacts to your body temperature and adapts for a more tailored fit.

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