About Us


We want to outfit your little Alaskan in high quality clothing that they will love to wear. We believe kids clothing should be comfortable, trendy, and shouldn't break the bank! We strive to maintain a selection of trendy, secondhand clothes so that you can feel good about dressing your little, saving money, and saving the environment! We also want to be your go-to shop for new items as well. When you need a special occasion dress, a gift for out of state friends, or you need to do some back to school shopping; we are here and ready to help you!

About the Business

Our family`s first business, Briar&Boone, was founded in 2018. I spent my days in the sewing room creating handmade kuspuks, bibs, dresses and more from patterns I created myself. I spent the weekends at markets and events getting to know the moms in our community. During this time we recognized the need for a children`s store in the area. Briar&Boone is now available to purchase wholesale on Handshake.
My husband and I started thinking about the possibility of opening a children`s store and daydreaming about what a store could do for our community and our family. Only a few months later we found a little retail space and made our dream a reality. Briar&Boone has become a large part of the store and has expanded significantly in offerings. We are now proud to employ other mothers in our area and across the state with flexible, kid friendly jobs. 
As of October 2021, we have officially moved into a permanent home for our shop! We now have 1800sqft in the Spur&Main building in Kenai! 

About the Family

Oden Family
My name is Shelby. For the most part I run the store, buy the clothes, and do most of the sewing for Briar&Boone. I am married to the sweetest man, Mike. He is my biggest supporter and the real reason I have been able to get this far with this business. Together we have two children, Briar and Boone. Briar loves to hang out at the store and greet every customer that walks through the door. She also likes to help check out customers, and I swear if she could read and do math she would be able to run this whole store herself (she will someday soon). Boone loves to play with all the kids that come to visit. He likes to share his cars and instigate races around shop. Occasionally we bring our family dog, Pierce, along with us too. He lives his best life at the store because everyone enjoys giving him love.
This business is truly a family affair. We look forward to raising our children in our store and teaching them about hard work and commitment. We are so grateful for each and every order, and for what this business has allowed us to accomplish as a family. It is not lost on us that you have options, thank you for choosing us! We look forward to watching the kids in our community grow and outfitting them in the best.