two under two - on a plane!

two under two - on a plane!

We went on our first family trip since having Boone last week. You can expect a few more blogs about the rest of the trip but the plane ride alone warrants its own! 

Traveling with two under two wasn't too bad, but it does require an embarrassing amount of stuff. Lots of tiny clothes, car seats, stroller, snacks, water bottles, diapers, etc.  We barely made it into the airport without help. Taking the bus from the airport to the rental car pickup in Phoenix was a site to be seen!

My MIL snapped this picture on our way into the airport. On the way back we had even another bag!

About thirty minutes into the flight Boone starts tooting. I reached down to get the travel changing pad thingy so I can change him once the seat belt light is turned off. IT IS NOT THERE. So you can understand the gravity of the situation, I am talking about one of those combo deals that is a changing pad but also stores all your wipes and your diapers. At some point the night before it had been taken out of my bag and never made it back in. A six hour flight with no diapers! I turned around to my husband who was sitting behind me and frantically asked him about it. The blame game was strong because at the time I was stressed to the max and KNEW it was his fault that we had left without it. Not my best moment. Sorry babe! Panic set in and tears were discreetly shed as Boone continued to bomb his diaper. 

 I ended up asking the flight attendant if she would mind asking other parents with small babies if they would spare a diaper. She obliged and came back with one from the front, thanks seat 13b! It was a size four and it came up to Boone`s nipples but never have I been more thankful to change a poopy diaper.

Parenting is no easy feat, luckily there is a whole bunch of us doing it and help is never too far away. If you are reading this, I have a challenge for you. If you see a parent struggling and there is something you can do, do it! Maybe it could just be holding the door, or keeping the eye rolls to yourself when there is a screaming toddler in the store. The reality is, you never know when you will be on a six hour flight with no diapers and in need of some help from the tribe of other parents. 

In addition to the diaper fiasco both my husband and I managed to open pressurized water bottles and soak everything. I just drenched my shirt. When my husband did it though, he sprayed at least four rows worth of people. The man sitting across the aisle from me had his eyes closed and didn`t see the water bottle - when he felt the spray he was convinced that something was wrong with the plane because it was leaking! 

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