my daughter, my teacher

my daughter, my teacher

As an adult it is easy to take things for granted and forget what is important. It is easy to get caught up in moving on to the next thing, just paying the bills, going through the motions because that is what you are supposed to do. We often forget to even notice the little bits of our day that would bring us joy if we could just pay attention to them. We miss out on a daily basis because we are just to busy!


My daughter, nearly two now, has been my greatest teacher. In the short time that she has been earth-side I have learned more about living and about myself than I ever learned in high school, college, or even from my own parents. (sorry mom and dad!) Don`t get me wrong, all of those things have value, but they pale in comparison to my current classroom.

At one point we were all young and I imagine similar to how my daughter is now. She is able to appreciate the smallest things and get hours and hours of joy from something that seems so insignificant. If something doesn`t go her way she feels so deeply about it that tears are usually involved; And then the magical part, she just MOVES ON. At some point in growing up we all lose that ability to find joy in small things and to shed the weight of disappointment and just move on. 

Briar`s current source of joy waiting outside her door. 

For three days now every time Briar grabs this Valentines Day balloon her whole face lights up and she is the happiest little girl in the world. She runs around the house saying, "baoon," because that as good as she can pronounce it. She has gifted it to me. She has gifted it to her baby brother. Let that sink in you guys; this is currently her most prized possession and she is willing to share it. She has tried to take it in the shower. She is the QUEEN of appreciating the little things in life. If we all try to be a bit more like Briar (or like your kids - they probably have a similar joy) we will all be a little happier. 

"Baoon," is waiting outside the door and will make her happy all over again when she gets up from her afternoon nap!

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