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The Wild Christmas Reindeer

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This year, Santa asks Teeka to get his reindeer ready to fly on Christmas Eve. She's happy but a little worried, too. She's never worked with the reindeer before and she's not sure they'll want to come in from the tundra, where they run wild and free.
     Once she finds them, Teeka's strong hand does more harm than good, and soon the reindeer are wilder than they were before she began training them. How will she ever get them ready to pull Santa's sleigh on time?
     As each turn of the page brings Teeka a day closer to Christmas Eve, Jan Brett's exquisite paintings illustrate not only Teeka and the reindeer, but also the busy elves creating enchanting toys and gifts in Santa's workshop, in the borders of every page.
     An original story told in glorious paintings with the magic and splendor of Christmas.