Black Floral Moccasins
Black Floral Moccasins

Black Floral Moccasins

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Trendy baby shoes that actually stay on! Have a baby who constantly kicks off their shoes or pulls on their socks? These are perfect for you!


These shoes have elastic encased ankles to make putting on a breeze, as well as ensuring that the shoes stay on.

The non-slip vegan leather soles are great for pre-walkers and walkers!

These shoes are very flexible, therefore will not interfere with the child's proper foot growth.

Made of a fashionable soft cotton outer layer, while having a super soft white flannel lining!

SIZING - place foot flat and measure heel to toe. Add 1/4" - 1/2" to measurement for room to grow!

Newborn - up to 3.75"
0-3 months - up to 4"
3-6 months - up to 4.25"
6-9 months - up to 4.5"
9-12 months - up to 5" - comes with an extra layer on the toe
12-18 months - up to 5.25" - comes with an extra layer on the toe

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.

*Due to all products being handmade the print may not be an exact match to the picture. Color may vary slightly depending on screen.

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