Visiting the Alaska Sealife Center

Visiting the Alaska Sealife Center
This week is spring break on the Kenai Peninsula. A few days into break Boone declared that, "spring break is only supposed to be for having fun!" He is not wrong, so today we ventured to Seward to spend the day at the Alaska Sealife Center. We have been several times before, but have never dedicated a whole day to it. It was a delight to allow the kids to linger as long as they liked. We even walked through the entire place a second time. 
In light of her Blippi addiction, Briar wanted to make a video like he does when he visits a new place. I gladly obliged, if only so I can treasure this day with them years from now when I watch this video. These kids are usually so entertaining, so I am sure that they were feeling a bit camera shy. 
Without further ado, enjoy! Do us a favor and leave a comment letting us know if you have been to the Alaska Sealife Center or not.

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