uh oh - i taught my daughter to have an irrational fear

So this is not something I am proud of and it will probably effect Briar for the rest of her life. 

Here is what went down. I was giving Briar a bath in the tub at our house. We own an older home so obviously there are lots of nooks and crannys. She was playing no problem with all of her bath toys when tragedy struck. I leaned over to turn the water off and the biggest spider I have ever seen dropped out from behind that round thing that keeps you from filling the tub too high. I may or may not have screamed - it was all a blur. What did happen was I snatched her up out of the water so quick, I was not about to let that spider get my baby! 

Now when Briar takes a bath she gets really frightened when anything is floating in the water - which is usually just fuzz. She squirms over to the edge and makes herself as far away from it as possible. She reaches her arms out to be lifted out of the water but she DOES NOT take her eyes off of the fuzz. Poor girl.

ALSO. It isn`t just spiders. There was a fly on the window at my MIL house and Briar was avoiding that thing like the plague despite my husband trying to get her to hold it. 



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