part 3 - excercise

part 3 - excercise

After I changed how I was eating I started to feel so much better about myself, it really made all the difference. You can read about that here. I had lost all the weight I had gained from my pregnancies and years of unhealthy eating which felt really good! 

What I didn't realize  would happen when I had children is the loss of all muscle! I am not sure if it is everyone's experience, or just mine because I was on bed rest for a good amount of time, but my entire body had gone soft. I knew that as good as I was feeling after losing so much weight, I would feel even better if I started exercising and regaining some of that strength that I had lost. 

Up until adulthood I was a competitive swimmer and that is really the only exercise I ever did. I loved it! I tried to get back into it after having kids but I went once and just couldn't. I used to swim miles a day without a thought and not even being able to do five hundred yards was SO discouraging. I only ever went to the pool once. I had to find something else.


I settled on a Tides Yoda because it was close to my house and offered a variety of classes. I was drawn to yoga because it seemed like a relaxing way to strengthen my body without going overboard. I was hooked after just a few classes. Now I have a monthly pass and I go to as many classes as I can when Mike is home to be with the kids. My favorites are AIReal Yoga, Beyond Barre, and Buti Yoga. Each class leaves me feeling strong and very, very tired!

I am finally starting to notice some muscles and am really happy with where I am at. I think it is so important for new moms to realize that they do not have to settle with a post baby body that they are uncomfortable with. Being a mom does not mean that you have to give up on yourself! As a mom I am better for my kids when I am feeling confident, fit and strong!

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