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My husband and I have talked about how as this business grows and the number of people reading the blog and our posts we need to remain as authentic as possible and show people only our true selves. It is easy to get caught up with sharing only the beautiful pictures on Instagram and only writing about the best days on Facebook - when in reality that can be really misleading. Not only that - but after awhile it paints an unrealistic picture about what real life is like.
This brings me to what I want to write about today. As my husband and I reached three years of marriage I got ready to write my sappy anniversary post on social media and it struck me how drastically hard that third year of marriage was in comparison to our first two years. In the interest of being honest, like I discussed above, I wrote my post and lightly touched on the struggle. I started writing a blog post so many times about our struggles so that I would be putting it out there for others to see that a real marriage is not all glorious. Then I realized I suck at talking to my husband about our marital problems so I need to learn how to do that before I talk to the internet about them. So - instead of getting that blog you are getting one about my favorite piece of marriage advice!
It is no secret that the number of divorces each year has grown steadily throughout our lifetimes. Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce! What a scary thought! I remember telling Mike while we were engaged that I didn`t believe in divorce over and over again because I wanted him to be on the same page. I also never wanted it to cross either of our minds as an option. 
So here it is : my all time favorite marriage tip!
 Treat your marriage like there is no such thing as divorce.
Now I am not saying that there are absolutely no circumstances where divorce is acceptable. There are exceptions of course - so don`t get me wrong. BUT - for everyone else, do not even give yourself the possibility of an out. Do not enter into a marriage with a plan b. The only plan when you get married should be staying married for your lifetime. It should never cross your mind that you can just get divorced if it doesn`t work out. It should only cross your mind that it will work out because you are committed to your vows and your spouse. It is a shame that it even needs to be said considering the till death do us part line.
So. Mike and I had a rough third year of marriage. BUT because we are MARRIED, and staying married is our only option, we have a lot of years to make improvements!


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