it takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child. As someone with two young kids, that statement rings so true. But not for why you might think.
Honestly, kids would be fine with just their parents. They don`t need the village. YOU need the village!
You need…
A friend who has had babies before you to ask about all the weird stuff that happens after you deliver.
The pastors wife at church who stops to chat with you every Sunday about anything but your children.
The lady who ALWAYS asks about your children.
A person who will video chat with your little ones because there is still fifteen minutes to bedtime but you are losing your mind. (Thanks momma!)
A pediatricians office that won`t judge you when you bring your youngest in a bazillion times. I swear I am not crazy - I just really love him and he is always sick!
You need the women at your moms group who are in the exact same season of life.
You need that person that is guaranteed to come to you quickly in case of an emergency.
A friend to hang with when your husband is gone and you are lonely.
The people at the store who send a reassuring smile your way while you drag your tantrum throwing toddler to the car.
Your partner - because raising babies is not meant to be done alone.
The elderly couple who makes faces at your kiddos in the restaurant from a table away just as they begin to get fussy.
The airline employee who ignores that your bag is fifty- two pounds instead of under fifty. And the person in front of you on the flight who ignores the little kicks to the back of their seat.
You need forever friends that love your babies like their own.
Some play date people - because draining the energy from your littles is a necessity.
I could go on and on. Do you have to have a village to be a mom? No. Does it make it easier? Absolutely!
The village is for you. It is for your sanity as a mom.
Embrace the village. Be part of someone else`s village.
Who else is in your village that I failed to mention?
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