father`s day

father`s day
Happy Fathers Day! 
About a week ago a friend of mine asked about fathers and fatherhood in your life and what they taught you and/or what you remember about your dad. (Thanks Mallory!) Her questions really got me thinking about what to write for fathers day!
Looking back at my own childhood not many things really stick out. I have some specific memories about special things we did, like visiting the redwood forest or going to Disney World. I do not really remember anything about how my dad parented us as we were growing up. Am I the only one who doesn`t really remember? I mean I remember stuff about how I was parented through my teen years but not before that. 
I do however have REALLY vivid memories of certain things about him from when I was little. For example, when he peeled our bananas he always took the first bite as a, "opening fee." Or after he finished working on one of his old trucks we always got to take it for a drive around the block or to the gas station. I have really distinct memories of him sitting at the kitchen table and polishing his black boots so they would be ready for work the next day and I can hear the sound of the brush he used to buff them as I write this. 
After thinking long and hard about my Dad and his fathering I arrived at the conclusion that the best thing he did for us all those years, what had a lasting impact, was that he was THERE. I don`t remember specific times that spanked us or sent us to our room but I have those other really clear memories. 
I don`t think any Dad has kids with the thought that he knows just how to raise them. When it comes down to it I think the important thing is that they are there. So thanks for being there Dad, I love you!
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