boone`s birth story

So… I wrote out a detailed account of Boone`s birth, and then I accidentally didn’t hit save. So I wrote it again, but this is definitely the short and sweet version! Also, I kept the pictures PG for you. My mother-in-law took pictures throughout my labor and delivery and I am in love with them - they make me feel so strong! However I will spare you from my birth pictures because this is the internet, but also because my dad will probably read this blog. Your welcome Dad!

Boone`s birth was so easy!

I thought I was in labor the day before Boone`s due date. As soon as we got in the car to head in to the hospital that night all of my contractions stopped! I thought for sure that I would just be sent home. After several hours of monitoring they had returned a little but I was not in labor. I did however have a slow leak of amniotic fluid so I was admitted because they require that you deliver within 24 hours of that happening to prevent infection.


Once my midwife made it to the hospital she recommended breaking my water the rest of the way to speed up the process because I wasn`t actually in labor. I agreed and that was done at about 11:15 pm. Almost immediately my contractions started getting a lot stronger. When I got too uncomfortable I headed to the bathroom to labor in the tub. I was experiencing a lot of nausea and my body temperature was fluctuating a lot. I got in the tub but I couldn`t decide what temperature I wanted the water to be since I was getting so hot and so cold. I ended up laboring in the tub for about 30 minutes, but never with any water.

Not long after I moved into the tub the contractions became really strong and were coming so close together that I wasn`t getting any rest in between. I started asking for drugs! Mike knew that my birth plan was to deliver naturally, so he held out as long as possible and tried to convince me otherwise. I snapped at any body who suggested that I not have drugs at that point. My midwife agreed to do IV painkillers, but not if I was close to delivery. I made my way back to the bed. I was checked and only dilated to six centimeters. Ugh! Long way to go! The nurse started preparing an IV.

In that same moment Boone`s heart rate dropped way down. The midwife had me roll to my other side (forced me really, I was not very cooperative because I was in so much pain). As soon as I moved his heart rate returned to normal. I had an extreme urge to push! I told the midwife. I also think I got a little hysterical because the feeling was so bizarre and I thought something was wrong. I could not refrain from pushing. She checked me again and Boone was crowning! She yelled for help and lots of hospital staff came running in to help. After just two pushes he was all the way out and in my arms!

I was only in active labor for about an hour and half. I went from six centimeters to a sweet little boy on my chest in two minutes! Aside from my midwife breaking my water, I had him naturally! Boone was born at 12:41 am on his due date, November 9. He weighed in at 7lbs and 4.9oz. He was 21 inches long (I think).

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